Waste Awareness Day - Milton Park

14 September 2018
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14 September 2018, Comments Comments Off on Waste Awareness Day – Milton Park

On Tuesday 11th September, Calber and Grundon hosted the first ‘Waste Awareness Day’ at Milton Park. The initiative was aimed at promoting waste reduction whilst at work. Companies that can implement a proper waste management process will save time, money and become more eco-friendly.

The event allowed tenants of Milton Park to learn about the importance of waste management and gave them the opportunity to ask questions about the disposal process. There was a fun competition running throughout the day, whereby you could win a bottle of champagne. The question, ‘how many kilograms of recycling waste did MEPC produce in the last year?’, was nearly guessed by Sarah Cook, Dow AgroSciences, who won the prize. MEPC produced 161,000kg of recycled waste in the last year, with Sarah guessing 167,000kg!

With climate change becoming ever-present, the disposal of waste in a safe, responsible and ethical manner is extremely important when it comes to waste management. Ensuring that people are educated about recycling can make a huge difference to the environment, and in turn, lead to a mass reduction of materials being sent to landfills and incinerators.

If you would like to find out more about waste management or are interested in an audit of your company’s waste process, then please contact louise.blackwell@calber.co.uk.

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